It starts with living.  A home to live.  Food to support life and relationships to sustain the soul.  We need your help to help others live.

There needs to be a place to live and food to sustain living.  All of these things must come from you.  Help us help them, and in return you get to live too.

Even in this day in age, there are some of us that want a home but do not have.  In this time of abundance, there are too many without much of anything.  The re-balancing won’t come from the elite or government, it must come from you.

The first step in the process from We All Stand Tall, Inc is to get the living situation settled.  Recipients can live on their own or with others, depending on the circumstances and availability.  Next, we set up a process of items to sustain life with the end goal of self-sufficiency.  And then work on their relationships that will help sustain them for years to come.

And that’s how it’s done.  To stand tall you must first have sustaining life.  We at We All Stand Tall, Inc recognize the need to secure the basics of living before they can stand tall.

…and this is one example.  She’s now standing tall!